31 Jan 2017

Well well, almost exactly 2 years after PowerVu being cracked wide open, it seems like Cisco (or whoever is now in charge of the thing you'd call "the most secure encryption" just 2 years ago) found an old PowerVu developer from the 90's, probably in some rural retirement home, with the task of saving the (pay-tv) world. Although he wasn't dead, he almost died of laughter when he learnt PowerVu was still in use.

20 Sep 2016

C-band multifocus

Submitted by drhans

When it comes to C-band, a multifocus solution is not just an option, in most cases it's necessity. The reason is quite simple - there's no LNB that would be able to receive all C-band signals without the need to rotate the LNB or inserting/removing the dielectric into the feedhorn. For me this is the most annoying thing about C-band - of course, you'd find Ku-band examples as well but those don't come close to how much scattered the polarization is in C-band.

15 Aug 2016

After years suffering with Fortec Star 2.4m, I've finally moved on and got a new C-Band dish. It's a Channel Master prime-focus 2.4m dish with a polarmount. It is a very special setup because it's installed at a remote location due to the obstructed view in the place where I live. That means anything involving touching the dish would require me to drive approximately 50 kilometers, which could become quite expensive over the time and would piss off the wife too. The fact I don't have easy access to the dish takes some fun out of it but it also brings new challenges and new fun stuff to do.

28 Dec 2015

Vu+ Solo 4K

Submitted by drhans

The reason I was interested in trying the new Vu+ Solo 4K was not 4K itself but rather the fact this is the latest Linux receiver from one of my favorite manufacturers, running Enigma 2. Therefore, this review does not primarily focus on 4K reception since I don’t even own any 4K capable display. This review will describe the following: overall box design and connections, hardware highlights, TV experience and Media: default media player, XBMC, Dreamplex.


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