11 Jul 2015

The OSEmu now comes with PowerVu stream-relay support. This makes it possible to decrypt DES encrypted PowerVu channels directly on an Enigma2 box. I have tried this on a Dreambox 820HD with good results on both HD as well as SD channels. The CPU usage did not exceed 15%. Other people report this to work on other Dreambox and Vu+ boxes.

22 Dec 2014
I decided to measure the Astra 2E and 2F signal again after replacing the Inverto Quad LNB for an Invacom Quad. The signal strength has improved but it's difficult to give all the credit to the Invacom LNB since other factors may play a significant role as well, like colder weather, less obstacles without leafs on surrounding trees and also possibly better dish alignment. But the signal strength itself is not the main point of this article. It's the variations in the strength during the day.
18 Dec 2014

The new Dreambox 820 HD could be considered a poor man's Dreambox. Maybe not really, considering a hefty €450 price tag. But it's still a Dreambox we're talking about right now, so a high price, perhaps even too high, is not surprising. It comes out shortly after the current top model, the 7080 HD, which is much more expensive.

30 Nov 2014

AFN Europe

Submitted by drhans

AFN has been around for ages. As far as satellite reception goes, some of you might remember B-MAC broadcast in the 90's. Eventually, AFN upgraded from B-MAC to DVB-S as early as 1997. That's a really respectable technological advance but the sad fact remains that AFN did not significantly move forward since then. The very old PowerVu D-9234 receivers are still in service. Please log in to continue reading.


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