21 Sep 2014

This tutorial explains how to watch all the channels in the BBC package at 27.5°W if you own a Dreambox satellite receiver. The following tutorial also applies to other Enigma 2 receivers but additional steps might be needed to get sound on the HD channels and subtitles to be shown in the subtitle menu. This test was done using an original Dreambox 500 HD running Open ATV 4 image.

15 Sep 2014

C-Band: Intelsat 10-02@ 1°W

Submitted by drhans

Having limited view, I won't be able to do many C-Band reception reports. However, I can share my experience receiving a couple of C-band satellites in Prague, using a 1.8m prime focus solid dish. Golden Intrstar LNBF was used during the test. As it's apparent from one of the pictures, there still might even be a slight obstruction of the view. 1°W is not any C-band hotspot at all. Just a couple of C-Band transponders with different footprints are active.

11 Sep 2014

After Astra 2E and F replaced Astra 2D, the reception of British free to air channels got more problematic in Central and Eastern Europe. However, a good chance of solid reception still exists in Prague. I've done a test with a prime focus 1.8 dish equipped with an Invacom feedhorn and Inverto Black Pro quad LNB.

8 Sep 2014
Let's take a look at Scientific Atlanta's PowerVu satellite receiver, model D9835. PowerVu is quite often considered to be the only ever-secure encryption system used. It's also the most wide-spread platform of choice for channel distributors around the world. You're probably familiar with many PowerVu encrypted satellite feeds and in rare occassions, also DTH satellite packages such as Orbit (which switched to Mediaguard and later merged with Showtime to use Irdeto) or AFN.
7 Sep 2014

This is the first reception report done with my new 180 cm prime focus dish. I've recently acquired this simple satellite dish in order to make tests and reception reports like this one. After getting rid of the FortecStar 240, I've decided to go for a better quality but smaller dish. Unsurprisingly, the performance of this 1.8m dish is about the same as of the Fortec Star 2.4m dish. First, I've decided to revisit the Nilesat position. Even though this spot is no longer as attractive as it used to be, it's still a pretty good benchmark position for fringe reception tests.

9 Aug 2014

For whatever reason, the Total TV package seemed like an interesting choice, mostly because of channels such as FOX, Comedy Central Extra, Ginx and a couple of others, not available on any other local (Czech) pay-tv. Also because of the relatively low price, getting Total TV was an impulse purchase. I even threw in the HD receiver, even though none of the HD channels were interesting to me (all sports). After a couple of phone calls and a wire transfer, I had the Total TV decoder shipped from Slovenia.

4 May 2014

DrHans website back online

Submitted by drhans

Dear visitors, I'm glad to announce that my website is now back online. I'm currently in the process of restoring all the old content and working on the site layout. Although I don't expect the website to be the same place as it used to be, I'm planning to update the website more or less regularly with new, interesting information. So please add the new URL to your bookmarks and come back often :)


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