15 Sep 2014

C-Band: Intelsat 10-02@ 1°W

Submitted by drhans

Having limited view, I won't be able to do many C-Band reception reports. However, I can share my experience receiving a couple of C-band satellites in Prague, using a 1.8m prime focus solid dish. Golden Intrstar LNBF was used during the test. As it's apparent from one of the pictures, there still might even be a slight obstruction of the view. 1°W is not any C-band hotspot at all. Just a couple of C-Band transponders with different footprints are active.

The most interesting catch must be AFN's TV network. Having experimented with this transponder before with the Fortecstar 2.4m, I expected to get at least some signal from the 1.8 dish - and I sure did! The best signal level I managed to get on 4175 R is 6.6 dB (SNR), which is pretty solid for a DVB-S with FEC 3/4 transmission. Thanks to C-band, the signal remains lockable even in heavier rain. What's interesting about AFN at 1°W is the fact that the picture quality here is much better, compared to 9°E retransmission - see the pictures below (notice the difference in crawl text quality). Another advantage of the 1°W AFN feed is EPG on all of AFN's channels.

Apart from AFN, I could only tune in BBC Africa at 4025 R with 7.3 dB. However, without any sound on the DM500 HD.

The dish: 1.8m

The LNB - Golden interstar 17K

Dielectric plate

The view, only from 28E to approximately 8W

AFN @ 9E - not so good picture quality

AFN @ 1W - better picture quality

AFN @ 1W - comes with EPG, unlike 9E

List of AFN channels - all the TV channels that are broadcast here are also available at 9E.

AFN Prime Atlantic schedule. On AFN Prime Pacific, shows start at different times.

The other receivable transponder at 1W is 4025R carrying BBC World News Africa and a couple of radio stations.