21 Sep 2014

Decrypting BBC at 27.5°W on DM500HD

Submitted by drhans

This tutorial explains how to watch all the channels in the BBC package at 27.5°W if you own a Dreambox satellite receiver. The following tutorial also applies to other Enigma 2 receivers but additional steps might be needed to get sound on the HD channels and subtitles to be shown in the subtitle menu. This test was done using an original Dreambox 500 HD running Open ATV 4 image.

First of all, it should be mentioned that all the credit goes to someone who goes by the nickname doublet and who wrote an amazing python script to decrypt BBC's PMT so that an emulator (oscam ymod in my case) can get the necessary information to decode the audio, video and subtitle streams of all the BBC, ITV and CH4 channels at 27.5°W. To find out more, please go to http://forums.openpli.org/topic/26684-enigma2-and-bbcitv-at-275w-intelsa...

It should not be a problem for any Dreambox to tune in 11495 V, 44100, 9/10 QPSK. However, the signal is not the strongest in Central Europe so you might struggle with a dish smaller than 80 cm. I tested the reception with 100 cm as well as 80 cm dishes. The 80 cm dish did not provide enough signal to keep the transponder coming in in rainy weather.

First of all, you must download doublet's PMT decoding scripts from the link mentioned above. Or just search for "bbc_pmt_v5.py". Once downloaded, copy over the 3 scripts to your Dreambox, using FTP. All scripts (bbc_pmt_starter.sh, bbc_pmt_v5.py and enigma2_pre_start.sh) go to /usr/bin. Don't forget to set rights to 755. You might need to modify bbc_pmt_starter.sh so that the script starts with "scriptName="bbc_pmt_v5.py -t long -d /dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0"". Then just reboot your Dreambox and you should see the bbc_pmt_v5.py script running in the background.

Next step would be installing an emulator. I used OSCAM ymodv18-t51 build #0, but other emulators could work as well. Since BBC is encrypted using BISS, all you need is a valid oscam.keys file and oscam configured to read such file. Not all oscam versions can do this, therefore you should start with ymod. The reader configuration can look like this:

label                         = reader-0
enable                        = 1
protocol                      = constcw
device                        = /usr/keys/oscam.keys
key                           = 0102030405060708091011121314
reconnecttimeout              = 0
caid                          = 0100,0500,0600,1800,0D00,2600,4A00,FF00,090F,093E
fix9993                       = 0
group                         = 1
lb_weight                     = 100

And that's pretty much it. Switching to a BBC channel should now trigger the script to decrypt the PMT so that oscam can then decrypt the other streams, including subtitles. Pretty easy, isn't it? Once again, thanks to doublet for the scripts.

Audio selection is there!

BBC2 HD decrypted via oscam.

Even the subtitles can be switched on and off.

Decryption in action. Actual BISS key shown.

Image information

These scripts should run automatically after startup. If decoding does not work, make sure the script is running (and that oscam.keys contains the correct SIDs and keys).