27 Apr 2015

PowerVu - what you can get in Ku band

Submitted by drhans


In my last article (http://drhans.tv/?q=powervu_hacked), I explained the history of PowerVu and the long road to the today's hack.
Now let's have a look at the different Ku band channels that are using PowerVu and are receivable in Europe. No, there's no porn in PowerVu in Ku band. In C-band there is. Unfortunately all the best PowerVu action happens in C-band which is hard to receive and there aren't any c-band keys out there yet.
Discovery Networks 
Broadcasting from 5e and 1w, various Discovery feeds are picked up from here by cable and satellite operators as the source for their DTH packages. That's why these channels have so many different language and regional variations. 1w is used for HD feeds while 5e is mostly in SD. All of the channels you can get here are well known to pretty everyone. You get your Discovery Channel, TLC and Animal Planet, in the best possible HD quality, since this is the original distribution feed. But who cares, right? It's just Discovery, nothing breathtaking.
This broadcast provider also chose PowerVu to encrypt some of their customers' signals with. Those customers are not very impressive either and there aren't any gems to be found here either, just a couple of basic tier crap channels like Diva Universal, True Movies or Cartoon Network. The only channel of interest might be E! Entertainment HD, broadcast in many different languages.
Bundeswehr TV
Now it starts to get interesting. BWTV is a channel for German military personnel stationed in the world. The channel shows selection of movies, sports, news and series from other German broadcasters. The quality is really bad here. Given the purpose of BWTV, it's interesting to get an impression of the channel but other than that, it's garbage.
Spanish news agency EFE and CNN have also been impacted by cracking the PowerVu keys. EFE TV on Hispasat and CNN Newsource feed at 22 West are now also open. Another broadcaster on Hispasat using PowerVu is Catalan Xarxa TV. EFE and Xarxa are special. They use CSA to encrypt audio and video.
Speaking of CSA, another package not using DES would be HBO distribution feed at 4W. Couple of standard definition HBO and Cinemax channels are available here, broadcasting in English, Hungarian and Czech.
SIS Betting
SIS betting channels from 5E are also open. I have nothing special to say about these channels.
There are a few other hacked services using PowerVu, broadcasting in Ku band here in Europe. Honestly, all these channels are of very little interest to anyone, when it comes to content. The main point here is the PowerVu hack. The reward, in terms of opened channels, is not quite satisfying, though. What about AFN, you might say. Well, on purpose I don't want to go into this. AFN is the only PowerVu provider who can actually suffer because of the hack. Not only might US content providers stop providing attractive content to AFN for free, but also the troops might be impacted as they could be required to re-register all their decoders or even upgrade to new hardware.


you need to decrypt DES on another machine and feed the box with clear TS, I'm not sure if any enigma2 box would handle DES decryption

I don't know of any such plugin. However, Enigma2 can easily handle MPEG-TS stream from an HTTP server and it can also send MPEG-TS stream via its built in web server. So the only part which you miss is the decryption on another machine.